Don’t Get a Job, Get a Hobby

968863_10151626572884904_1184554218_nKids are at school, wife is at work, house clean, laundry done, pantry full its 10am and what the hell do I do now? Don’t sit down and binge watch Voyager on Netflix again, get productive with your life.

You and I both know how easy it can be to sit and do nothing until the kids get home, hey my work is done right! Wrong. you have found yourself in the unique position to make yourself a better person with a more fulfilling life than any man off to the 9-5 (like anyone actually works 9-5 anymore) daily grind. Luckily, I am just the SAHD man to tell you how.

img_2433Run you fool

GO OUTSIDE! What is one of the best things you can do for yourself? Exercise! The American Heart Association recommends that you get 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week (The American Heart Associations Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations 2016) and I know just the way to do it. Go for a run. This is probably the least expensive hobby you can find, to start with. It doesn’t take much to get started but once you do your body and your family will thank you. There is nothing more peaceful than  running through the paths at your local park  letting your mind wander in and out of thought as you hear the dull crunch of your footsteps on the gravel trail, beads of sweat dripping from your brow. That feeling of peace and relaxation follows you home, its there when the kids walk through the door and when your wife walks in and dinner is tacos and she hates tacos but the kids beg for everyday to be taco Tuesday. Here is an inspirational blog about a dad running his ass off , and here are 5 Steps to get started.

img_2432Make some sweet music

Your kids are proud of you, your wife is proud of you and constantly tell you your a rock star. So why don’t you become one! That piano your grandma left you, sit down and learn to play it, that ratty old guitar hanging on the wall with the faded Margaritaville sticker, order some strings off Amazon and strum a few chords, that recorder the kid brought home in 5th grade, go watch TNG:The Inner light on Netflix and get inspired all over again by Captain Picard. Learning and playing a musical instrument improves your mental health, seriously, they have done studies and people have written about it on the internet. Not only that, but its damn enjoyable. I started teaching myself guitar about two years ago when my daughter decided she had no interest in learning on the beautiful Little Martin she had asked for on her birthday (she asked for a guitar, I liked the Martin). I love playing the guitar, I play poorly, but I love it and I taught myself through the myriad of web sites that actually do a pretty good job of teaching you how. Here are a few that I like, I’ll do a full post on the rest later. Marty SchwartzJustin SandercoeMatt McCoy

14021624_10210384437995295_7032017220779871218_nFish On!

Here is one for the whole family. Still taking little ones to the park before lunch and nap time? How about pulling that old pushbutton Wal-Mart rod and reel out of the garage, grab those stale hot dog buns and find a park with a pond. Starting the kids now pulling bluegills from the edge could lead to a 30lb salmon in a few years. Honey, its not me! The kids want to go fishing and I have to know what Im doing if they are going to learn. Kids done with homework and they plop down in front of the tv? Take them to that spot you found the other day while they were at school, throw out a plastic worm wacky rigged on a bass hook and hold on to your hats. Its hard to find more peace and quite than standing on the shore waiting for the fish to bite.

13490667_10209856558518638_8745169755289942846_oYou already have the most important Job.

You are working, and your working pretty damn hard. One kid or nine, school age, toddler or infant running the house can be a thankless and tedious task at times. Hopefully you have found the joy in it that I have and the moments of zen outweigh the moments of blah. Go get a damn hobby and be happy.




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