You found me,but what were you looking for?

Odds are if you’ve found me, you were probably searched for SAHD, which means you are probably one yourself and quite possibly a new one. Let me help you find more of us.  There are quite a few SAHD’s out there and a good number of us are on the web in one form or another. During my first go ’round as a SAHD back in 2007-2008 a forum was the way to go. Now days the forum is a great resource but many of those folks have branched off into their own blogs (and so will you).

Forums – I spent many hours on this forum. Rich in content, well-organized and great engaging dads from all over. If you’re a new SAHD you need to go here and join. – There are many different dad types represented here from expecting and new dad’s to gamer dad’s. Go check it out and see what interests you.

If I missed your SAHD forum I apologize, I’ll add them as I find them. Honestly though, other than the two above the rest I’ve found are sub forums of a larger interest group.

Web Sites – “Providing support, education and advocacy for fathers who are the primary caregivers of their children.” Great content, if you have a question about something SAHD you’ll probably find something here.

The rest are general “how to be a great dad” site with a few articles about being a SAHD.


There are a shit ton of these. Everybody thinks they are a writer and that they have something to say. Seriously, you’ve probably started one yourself with two crappy posts and no comments, bet your wife hasn’t even read it yet.

RunningSahd – Don’t click here.  Two posts, but you are here. Don’t know how since the Big Google in the Sky can’t even find it yet.

Daddingeveryday – I can’t say enough about this blog. Honestly he is my first follower.
Top Tip – If you want to get followers for your new blog you have to follow other people and link to their sites. – Do click here.

I have seen the wheel and think it does a great job, not gonna make a whole new one for you.

Here is a good list

And another

Good luck in your search, if you find a SAHD resource you love, leave a comment below. Oh yeah, have fun with your new blog, post once or post 100 times. Follow me, follow other SAHD bloggers. Ask for guest posts, I’m happy to write about anything you would like!


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